How to Recover Deleted Call Logs on iPhone

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Call History on iPhone contains useful information, such as the name, the date and time when the call happened, the duration, and the phone numbers of the missed, dialed, and accepted calls.

The iPhone call history matters if we don't want to miss any important news or errands from the callers since we can always dial back with one easy tap. Also, if we forget to add someone as an iPhone contact, the call history will help us find the person's phone number.

To make sure the important information is saved, we need to find and view the call logs on iPhone. Also, if the call history is deleted or disappears, you'll need to find a way to recover it if you value the information.

Atgūt izdzēsto iPhone zvanu vēsturi

Part 1: How to View iPhone Call History

It's very easy to find the call logs on iPhone. We need to use the Mob. tālr. app located on your iPhone. It can be found on every iPhone since it's a system app that cannot be uninstalled. On this Phone app, we can view all call logs on the iPhone including missed and completed ones. Meanwhile, you can izdzēst specific call logs too. Read on:

View Call History on iPhone

On your iPhone main screen, find and open the Mob. tālr. app. It may be located on the bottome of the screen by default.

Once opened, you will see the recent calls (100 items at most) including missed (the ones in red) and completed ones under the visi tab. The names or numbers of the callers and receivers as well as the starting time will be displayed. You may tap on the Info icon beside each call item to find more details. Also, you can bloķēt un atbloķēt certain numbers there.

You can go to the Missed tab to find the most recent (100 items top) missed calls.

Delete Call History on iPhone

To view more call history on the iPhone Phone app, you can delete some items that are not needed. New call logs will appear to make up the 100 quota. Also, trashing some records like spam calls will stop you from calling back while mistouch.

Pieskaries pogai rediģēt button located on the top right corner of the Phone app. You can find the button under both All and Missed tabs.

Locate one specific item and tap on the red "-" icon to delete the selected call. Repeat the process to delete multiple call logs. Or you can delete these 100 records with the skaidrs button. Another 100 call logs will move up(if there's any).

Note that once the call log is deleted on the iPhone, it's nearly unrecoverable within the device. Be careful with each item you delete.

Part 2: Why Do Call History Disappeared on iPhone

Reason 1: iPhone Save Over Old Call History

iPhone will save up to 1,000 call logs locally. If there are more call logs, the new ones will overwrite the oldest call logs.

Reason 2: iPhone Displays Limited Call Items

You may feel strange that you can't find some earlier call logs especially you haven't deleted them and the 1,000 limit is still not reached. This is because iPhone will only display the 100 recent calls and hide earlier calls.

To view earlier calls, we may have to izdzēst the latest ones. This is pretty risky since we don't know if we can restore those deleted ones. Worse still, Apple INC doesn't provide any official solutions to display all iPhone call history.

Izlocīšanās: Both reasons make viewing all iPhone call logs locally impossible. Luckily, we can find the iPhone call history online.

How to View iPhone Call History on Carrier

If we need to scratch all the iPhone call logs without deleting recent ones, we need help from the pārvadātājiem.

To make or receive a call on an iPhone, you must install SIM karti and activate the network. Every time a call happens, besides the iPhone storage, the SIM card will save the call history as well. Instead of local storing, it will upload the call history to the database of the SIM provider - your provider.

So, if you want to view older iPhone call history, go to the official website of your carrier and fill in the necessary credentials to complete the login. Then, find the access to view or download call history.

Take AT&T iPhone as an example: go to Tālruņa funkcijas and complete the login. Select Call History and browse all contacts sorted by names or numbers. You can download the list in XLS, CSV, or PDF files.

If your iPhone is supported by other carriers, simply go to the official website of the provider and find the access to view all call logs.

Part 3: How to Recovery Deleted iPhone Call History

Sometimes, some iPhone call logs are deleted on purpose, and of course, you want to get those call logs back since call logs can value a lot. Especially, when you want to find out ja tavs vīrs krāpj on you and deleting those phone calls with a mistress. Besides, you may need to lasīt krāpnieciskā laulātā īsziņas.

With the official way to restore deleted call logs on your iPhone, you have to have a backup file that contains those deleted call logs and you have to restore your whole iPhone to the backup. I would say it is completely not a feasible way. To recover those deleted call logs on your iPhone, the best way is to use a third-party recovery tool, with which you don't want to reset and restore your iPhone from a backup file. Besides, your SIM provider will save call records made within 18 months (and even longer depending on the carrier's capacity) despite some being deleted on the iPhone.

Method 1: Recover Deleted iPhone Call History via iPhone Data Recovery

To retrieve deleted call logs on your iPhone device, I will show you how to use iPhone Data Recovery to get deleted or lost call logs back. Please keep it mind that the recovered call logs will not be restored to your iPhone, but to your computer in a form of a txt or csv instead. Besides, you can also extract those lost call history from an iTunes or iCloud Backup that you made before.

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Method 2: How to View and Retrieve Lost iPhone Call History

You can only delete the call history on your iPhone locally, but the online records saved on the carrier database will be 100% safe before expire. This is the same for the overwritten iPhone call logs.

So, the find the deleted or lost iPhone call logs, you can go to the official site of your carrier. Sign in with your account and find the call logs there. Then, you can navigate to the a specific call item via Name, Number, Time, or Type.

Some carriers provide a mobile app or cloud services. You can get the app from your iPhone Store and set up for the app. Then, find the related call logs. (For reference: Verizon mākonis)

You may worried about the cost of checking up the call history from the carrier. To be frankly, this depends on the service and pricing of each carrier. Some carriers AT*T and Verizon will display the call history to you par brīvu (with conditions though). But others like MetroPCs and T-mobile may charge $2-5 for every single request (Source: Metro by T-Mobile Paid Service un T-Mobile Print Phone Records.

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